Friday, May 18, 2012

Radiologic Technologist

A radiologic technologist is the same as a x ray technician because they work with the radiologist to try and get the best imaging picture to help diagnose a patients illness but they do not make the diagnosis. In many states a radiologic technologist would have to make sure that their license is up to date.

The process for renewing your license usually takes about two to three weeks and there is also a fee that you must pay to renew your license which depends on whether your active currently or not. If you do no not renew it within the active period the cost of the fee triples so you will want to make sure you keep your license active so you do not have to pay out extra money in the long run. If you let your license run inactive for ten or more years it become null and void and you would be required to go back and take the test.

The need for radiologic technologists is rapidly growing with more expectations for jobs to keep increasing. So this is a highly valuable career that you can expect to be able to graduate and find work much more easily then any other professions. And since the work environment has you working in hospitals and doctors offices it would be a well rewarding career for someone looking for a job that is steady and provides a secure career future.

Friday, May 4, 2012

X Ray Technician

X ray technician can be a very rewarding and exciting career. X ray technicians can also be known as radiologist technician of course there are other area's in radiology like someone who works with MRI machines so X ray technician is a more specification of someone who works with the use of x ray machines. X ray technicians are trained professional which all of their training takes place in the area of manipulating x ray machines they might also have knowledge of other machines to take inside views of parts of the body to identify possible injuries so a doctor can make a proper diagnosis to the patient.

The need for x ray technicians is constantly growing most x ray technicians train before jumping into the field. Places which might hire an x ray specialist would be hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, dental offices, and radiology clinics. Of course this exciting career does have some risks long term exposure to the radiation from x ray machines can cause cancer. That is why it is very important to follow procedures like blocking body parts from radiation using lead sheets or being behind the wall to shield yourself can help to minimize the risk of getting cancer.

The training for x ray technician can be very easy since it does not require a four year degree program. It usually can be completed simply by a trade school program which might also have hands on experience to help you get used to what to expect in the field. Usually you'll want to learn at least how to develop the x ray pictures, how to position the patients to get the best pictures, and the operation of the x ray equipment and procedures. But some people will advance their careers into other area's of radiology like for example the ability to work with CAT scans or CT scans and MRIs.

A career in X ray technician like all other medical careers requires understanding and realizing that patients might be under stress or be hurt showing them consideration and caring for them is a very important part and having understanding when dealing with someone who is uncooperative is very important. Part of your job is having a fun friendly attitude trying to help someone see that having their x ray taken can be a fun experience and help them feel better.

One thing that an x ray technician cannot do is discuss anything that is found in their x ray photo's. That is a job for a doctor or radiologist to do. As a x ray technician while it might be possible for you to find potential problems with a patients x ray's it is not part of your job to discuss them with the patients leave that to the doctor to do. Patients should respect you by not asking you for information on their x rays but in the event that someone does keep in mind not to talk with them simply tell them the doctor will discuss that information with you.

As a x ray technician you will however be train to spot possible emergencies with a patient which you can bring to the attention of a doctor or tell the radiologist about for quick treatment. If the x ray does not show signs of emergency issues the patient can expect that the results will take a few days to be processed and receive results.